Butterfly Embellishment…

May 18, 2009

Diecut & Embossed Butterfly

Sat­ur­day I received a lit­tle pack­age from a sweet friend that con­tained two Cut­tle­bug Cut­ting Die and Emboss­ing Fold­ers this being one of the ones I received. I must admit I was like a lit­tle kid on Christ­mas morn­ing… I had to open it imme­di­ate­ly and begin cre­at­ing. And here is my fin­ished cre­ation. A sim­ple but­ter­fly embell­ish­ment to add to any project.

I hope you give this tuto­r­i­al a try… just con­sid­er your­self warned.. you will become addict­ed.

Sup­plies Need­ed:
Sim­ply Sten­cils (Plaid)
Tim Holtz Adiron­dack Alco­hol Inks (Bot­tle, Den­im, Ter­ra Cot­ta)
Liq­uid Pearls (Petal Pink)
Ice Stick­les (Crys­tal Ice)
But­ter­flies Cut & Emboss Set (Cut­tle­bug)
Tombow Mono Vel­lum Adhe­sive
4 — Self Adhe­sive Pearls

Tools Need­ed:
Ink Appli­ca­tor & Felt


  • Trim Sim­ply Sten­cil mate­r­i­al to size of Cut­tle­bug But­ter­fly die and run through your Cut­tle­bug machine as instruct­ed by man­u­fac­tur­er, repeat process one more time you will need two but­ter­flies
  • Place one cut But­ter­fly into emboss­ing fold­er and run through your Cut­tle­bug machine as instruct­ed by man­u­fac­tur­er, repeat one more time you will need both but­ter­flies embossed. In the pho­to below you can see how the recessed and raised emboss­ing looks… I decid­ed to use the raised embossed side for my but­ter­fly.

Diecut & Embossed Butterflies

  • Using an Ink Appli­ca­tor place one drop each of three dif­fer­ent Alco­hol Inks onto the same felt pad, apply alco­hol inks to one side of both but­ter­flies. I inked the raised embossed side of my but­ter­flies.
  • Using a paint­brush apply Liq­uid Pearls (Pink Petal) on top of each but­ter­fly, let dry
  • Using Ice Stick­les Crys­tal Ice light­ly apply to the raised embossed areas of each but­ter­fly, let dry
  • Using scis­sors cut the anten­na off of one but­ter­fly. This will be the but­ter­fly that is placed on the bot­tom.

Alcohol Inks, Liquid Pearls, Ice Stickles

  • Using Tombow Mono Vel­lum Adhe­sive or oth­er clear dry­ing adhe­sive, apply this under the body por­tion of the but­ter­fly that will be on the top (this should be the but­ter­fly with the anten­na still on) attach the remain­ing but­ter­fly onto the back of the one with the adhe­sive. Bend the wings of the top but­ter­fly up just a bit to give it dimen­sion.
  • Attach four Self Adhe­sive Pearls down the cen­ter of the but­ter­fly to cre­ate it’s body.

Finished Butterfly Embellishment

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