What a bad blogger I have been…

Feb 9, 2009

As soon as I got home from CHA I hit the ground run­ning. No time to relax for a sin­gle sec­ond. I guess I will do a lit­tle run down of what has been going on in my lit­tle neck of the woods…

1st… CHA was a blast. Going with Maya Road is always so much fun. I did loads of make n takes, gave away fun stuff and got to chat with lots of won­der­ful peo­ple.

2nd… As soon as I got home I had to instant­ly start on a lay­out for Mem­o­ry Mak­ers. It is going to be includ­ed in an arti­cle in the July/August issue. I am not even going to tell you what it looks like as you will know it is mine the sec­ond you see it. It uses a prod­uct that I love dear­ly.

3rd… After get­ting the MM lay­out cre­at­ed and sent I had to box up sup­plies to recre­ate 40 tech­niques for my book. Lets just say it is very obvi­ous after gath­er­ing all the sup­plies need­ed that I am not a sim­ple scrap­book­er… that box weighed 21 pounds. But it is now in OH await­ing my arrival on the 22nd. So super excit­ed about this. I can actu­al­ly see this book start­ing to come togeth­er.

4th… Start­ed back on some book projects… just have 37 left to com­plete. I am on the home­stretch now and can final­ly see the light at the end of that very long tun­nel.

5th… Took a Cop­ic Mark­er class with Car­o­line at the Crafty Scrap­per in Wax­a­hachie. All I can say is trou­ble, trou­ble and more trou­ble. If you do not want or need anoth­er craft­ing addic­tion do not take a class. I am so in love with these mark­ers and now I want them all. Below are a few of my first attempts… still need to make them into cards. I swear I am so bad about fin­ish­ing class projects. I will get to it and then show you the fin­ished results. Any­way if you have not been to see Car­olyn’s store you real­ly need to it is so worth the dri­ve.

Copic Markers are so fun!

5th… Met Car­o­line at Scrap­pin’ Bun­nies in McK­in­ney she had every­one mak­ing real­ly cute Valen­tines. I got to meet some sweet scrap­pers and talk to my MMM friend Staci. It’s so fun chat­ting with her… Staci is one fun and funky girl. We always laugh at how oppo­site we are in style yet love the same things… I even got her to pur­chase some Stick­les. I’m slow­ly bring­ing her over to the glit­tery side.

Now I have to tell you about my sweet niece Aman­da… I am so proud of her… this lit­tle cutie below

Sweetest Niece Ever...

Does this on the week­ends…

Our little Powerlifter

She lift­ed her per­son­al best of 230 pounds and placed 6th at this past week­ends meet. Not bad for her first year in pow­er­lift­ing. She has anoth­er meet on the 21st and is hop­ing to medal. So super proud of you Aman­da.

That’s it… my life over the past week.

Have a won­der­ful evening.

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