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Jan 5, 2009

First, thank you for all the sweet email of well wishes for Ansley and Alan. They are feeling better. Ansley did not go to school today as she is still pretty zapped but she is better and should be able to go back tomorrow.  I think I can now take off my nurse cap. To all you nurses out there… Big huge cheers to you… you all earn every cent you make and I’m certain you should be paid more… what a job.

I am so glad it warmed up here a bit over the last few days or we would be having a nasty icy mess right now on the roads. Icicles are not a common site on my birdhouse.

It's cold outside...

We are having lots of drizzly rain that is now starting to freeze on trees, bushes and birdhouses but thankfully no streets. Not sure about the overpasses but I hope they stay clear. Texans don’t do well with icy streets.

Those of you who have signed up for my Cupid’s Workshop thank you. I am so excited about the response and the projects I have created and cannot wait to start sharing. For those of you who signed up make sure you check in off and on on Cupid’s blog as I have been posting links for supplies as well as some great links for tutorials. Alan is working hard (well not right this second but he was working hard until he got hit by the big bug) on creating the workshop’s vintage valentine downloads. I dug in my personal stash of vintage valentine’s and have some great ones to share. Oh and I have a wonderful Maya Road RAK to give away to one lucky participant. It is all going to be so much fun.

See ya there and stay well!

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