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Jan 5, 2009

First, thank you for all the sweet email of well wish­es for Ans­ley and Alan. They are feel­ing bet­ter. Ans­ley did not go to school today as she is still pret­ty zapped but she is bet­ter and should be able to go back tomor­row.  I think I can now take off my nurse cap. To all you nurs­es out there… Big huge cheers to you… you all earn every cent you make and I’m cer­tain you should be paid more… what a job.

I am so glad it warmed up here a bit over the last few days or we would be hav­ing a nasty icy mess right now on the roads. Ici­cles are not a com­mon site on my bird­house.

It's cold outside...

We are hav­ing lots of driz­zly rain that is now start­ing to freeze on trees, bush­es and bird­hous­es but thank­ful­ly no streets. Not sure about the over­pass­es but I hope they stay clear. Tex­ans don’t do well with icy streets.

Those of you who have signed up for my Cupid’s Work­shop thank you. I am so excit­ed about the response and the projects I have cre­at­ed and can­not wait to start shar­ing. For those of you who signed up make sure you check in off and on on Cupid’s blog as I have been post­ing links for sup­plies as well as some great links for tuto­ri­als. Alan is work­ing hard (well not right this sec­ond but he was work­ing hard until he got hit by the big bug) on cre­at­ing the work­shop’s vin­tage valen­tine down­loads. I dug in my per­son­al stash of vin­tage valen­tine’s and have some great ones to share. Oh and I have a won­der­ful Maya Road RAK to give away to one lucky par­tic­i­pant. It is all going to be so much fun.

See ya there and stay well!

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