Seriously I do not know what to say…

Dec 6, 2008

My 12 Days of Christmas online workshop has been overwhelming popular. I am honestly at a loss for words. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have emailed me saying how much fun you are all having. I have had email sent to me from ALL over the World… just amazing. And since I am presently being bombarded with email from others wanting to participate in this workshop but worried about the deadline. I have decided to leave the workshop up until Dec. 31st. This will give everyone time to finish their projects and then all good things must come to an end. December 31st will the the absolute last day for this workshop.

Those that participate in this workshop will get a discount on my Cupid’s Workshop starting January 15th – February 15th. Lots of fun creating will be had here as well.

I want to share this little photo of Linda Cain‘s granddaughter Emma. Linda is participating in the 12 Days of Christmas workshop and they spent the afternoon together making Jingles the snowman. I am happy to say I have a new glitter lover.

Great job Emma!

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