What a great mail day…

Nov 25, 2008

Okay I have to admit I have been a tad bit stressed about the big “Thanks­giv­ing Day” din­ner at our house. Alan’s mom and dad are com­ing and Ter­ri’s boyfriend Laren will be bring­ing his fam­i­ly. I know it will be fun and every­thing will turn out beau­ti­ful­ly but I did­n’t name my blog “It’s in The Details” for noth­ing.… seri­ous­ly I can make myself NUTS detail­ing every­thing down to the last grain of salt. I am the type of per­son that can make a moun­tain out of a mole hill with any project or event. My brain just keeps think­ing about adding this and that and this would be great oh and if we had this, that would be great too.…

Sor­ry I kin­da got off top­ic… wait I don’t think I even start­ed the top­ic? Wait it was about the mail.… you can see my state of mind any­way as I was get­ting my sec­ond trip to the gro­cery store list ready the door­bell rings and I get this pack­age.… I’m not expect­ing any­thing so can­not even imag­ine what it could be well… check this out…

I open it to see this sweet lit­tle note from Lau­ra!

I lift the tis­sue to find these incred­i­ble trims! Gasp #1 heard through­out the neigh­bor­hood!

I then lift the next lay­er of tis­sue and find these incred­i­ble leaves, flow­ers and picks… YEP, GASP #2 heard through­out the city of Frisco!

I then lift the next lay­er of tis­sue and find these beau­ti­ful flow­ers and oth­er embell­ish­ments. GASP #3 heard through­out the state of Texas!

Lau­ra, thank you so much. I can­not believe you sur­prised me with such beau­ti­ful things. Well I can because you are so sweet but I think you know what I mean. If you vis­it Paper Tales in East­pointe, MI and you see Lau­ra, please give her a big hug from me. I know Cass has lots of great stuff planned for Black Fri­day… so hug Lau­ra cause I’m sure she will be there.

Gosh, going to the store is gonna be a breeze now because I will be think­ing about all the great things I can cre­ate for my book instead of wor­ry­ing about where every­one is going to sit, what to serve for drinks and how to set up the buf­fet. Yep things are gonna be so much nicer now.

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