It really is…

Nov 2, 2008

all about those lit­tle details. I just can’t seem to leave a project alone. I have to keep adding and adding and adding… for exam­ple…

See that lit­tle but­ton behind the pom pom… yep had to put it there or I would­n’t be able to sleep…

See the Plat­inum Stick­les around the edge of the tag and in the cen­ter of each let­ter and the dou­ble bow of red & white and brown & white twine… yep anoth­er had to do it.

See the thread in the but­ton… had to have this too.

So if you real­ly want your projects to pop and have that added bit of umph… just keep adding lit­tle things here and there as they real­ly do make a huge dif­fer­ence and all the lit­tle extras will make your eyes oh so hap­py.

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