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Oct 8, 2008

UPDATE… The auc­tion should now work in Inter­net Explor­er. Please let me know if you have any trou­ble.

I write this post with a very heavy heart. Yes­ter­day, a very dear friend of mine in the scrap­book­ing com­mu­ni­ty unex­pect­ed­ly lost her hus­band. Hon­est­ly, when I think of her and her two young boys (ages 4 and 7) as hard as I try to hold back my tears they just seem to come any­way. One minute her sim­ple world is per­fect then the next… trag­ic. I feel so help­less and wish I was clos­er to help but geo­graph­i­cal­ly this is not pos­si­ble. So I have decid­ed to hold an auc­tion to raise a bit of mon­ey to help ease the finan­cial bur­den that has occurred.

I am giv­ing 100% of the mon­ey raised from my “Dream Ban­ner” auc­tion and remain­ing “Our Home” lay­out kits to my friend and her boys. I’m not sure how much this will raise but I fig­ure any and every bit I can raise will be of great help. I want her boys to dream big in life and always remem­ber even though their dad is no longer with them phys­i­cal­ly he is still part of their fam­i­ly and will always be a part of their home.

If you want to leave a lit­tle dona­tion via pay­pal please click the but­ton below.
Remem­ber, any bit will help.

Make sure to hug your fam­i­ly and tell them you love them dai­ly… as things real­ly can and do change in an instant.

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