They’re in the mail…

Sep 17, 2008

All the projects for my first book deadline are on the way to F&W Publications. And gosh does it feel good to have them out of the house. I will tweak and tweak and tweak until I make myself nuts! This Saturday, I will be teaching at The Crafty Scrapper. I cannot wait to shop either. Carolyn has her store packed. I have to make at least two trips around the store before I can focus enough to think about purchasing items. I tell ya if you have never been to her store because you worry about the drive. Let me just tell you it is so worth every mile.

Since my sister and her family are still having to stay with us due to hurricane Ike. Madelyn and I had a little photo shot yesterday. I got this one photo that I really love and just in the nick of time I might add. As soon as I took this one a mosquito bit her on the little toe and she was done. In the house she went. But she did politely say, I could take some more tomorrow.

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