Well we all survived…

Aug 26, 2008

I say we because the first day of school is just as hard for us par­ents as it is for the kids. It seems that my BIL Kel­ly sur­vived Made­lyn’s first day of school. He took half the day off to go with Belin­da and Made­lyn on her first day of kinder­garten. Made­lyn had a blast and eager­ly got up ready to go again today.

Mer­ci, Erin and Ans­ley had a great first day of High School… I’m not sure who’s stom­ach hurt more… mine or theirs. I tell you watch­ing those three get out of the car and head into that great big school just about brought me to tears. I can­not believe Ans­ley is a fresh­man this year. She and her friends had a won­der­ful day. Yes… great big sigh of relief for me. All I could wor­ry about was her get­ting lost, not remem­ber­ing where her lock­er was etc… you know all those typ­i­cal mom you need to cut the cord kin­da thoughts.

(sor­ry for the not so great pho­to but I was doing good to get this one)

And here is Aman­da’s last first day of high school pho­to “as said per my sis­ter”. Man I can’t believe my first sweet, adorable lit­tle niece is a Senior and a var­si­ty cheer­leader too! Yes I live in Texas, cheer­lead­ing is a big thing here. Not sure why but it is. Any­way she want­ed it.. worked her tail end off to get it and I am so dang proud of her for achiev­ing her goal!

I am work­ing on a sweet lit­tle project for tomor­row using the faux mosa­ic tech­nique. So stay tuned… it’s a fun one.

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