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Jul 2, 2008

When you turn 5 you can feel your legs getting longer in bed and yep… your fingers grow overnight too! Oh and you can’t suck your thumb anymore because 5 year olds don’t do that… and you can buckle your own seat belt… and you wont whine like you did yesterday… oh and the biggest bestest thing is you can open your own yogurt, go to school and take ballet lessons. Yep if you were turning 5 this is what you would be doing.

Happy Birthday Madelyn you are my favorite 5 year old niece. I love you.

Happy Birthday Madelyn!

Oh and one other thing… if your parents take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant and the employees come to sing you “Happy Birthday” you will sink into the booth and raise your hand so that only your fingertips can be seen from the table…

Gosh I miss being 5!

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