Oh what a find…

Jun 16, 2008

I spent last week in Beaumont visiting family. While there Mom and I hit several antique shops and malls. We love hunting for treasures large or small… doesn’t matter to us, we just like to look and I’m happy to say we found both!

I have been on the hunt for an old working (key word here) typewriter. Mom had one that she typed my dad’s term papers on while he was in college but the font style just wasn’t quite right. It didn’t have an old enough look. Well one day before one of our shopping excursions Mom says, “What you need is an old Underwood typewriter.” Get ready… you are not going to believe this story…

So Mom and I head to this antique mall not far from their home. After looking in every booth no typewriter was to be found. But we did manage to find a few little things and while checking out Mom asks the store clerk if they ever get in any old typewriters… the lady looks up and says, “I have an old one in the trunk of my car right now but it is too heavy for me to carry.” Okay I must have the strongest eye muscles ever because my eyes should have popped completely out of my head when I heard the next thing out of her mouth… “It is an old Underwood and it still works!” Yep, my mouth dropped wide open as I tried to ask if I could see it. What are the odds of you going out to look for an old working Underwood typewriter, you asking the store clerk if she has one and she states she has one in her trunk? Seriously, I would love to know the odds.

So here is our big find… a perfectly working Underwood typewriter.

What a find...

and this says it all…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

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