Oh what a find…

Jun 16, 2008

I spent last week in Beau­mont vis­it­ing fam­i­ly. While there Mom and I hit sev­er­al antique shops and malls. We love hunt­ing for trea­sures large or small… does­n’t mat­ter to us, we just like to look and I’m hap­py to say we found both!

I have been on the hunt for an old work­ing (key word here) type­writer. Mom had one that she typed my dad’s term papers on while he was in col­lege but the font style just was­n’t quite right. It did­n’t have an old enough look. Well one day before one of our shop­ping excur­sions Mom says, “What you need is an old Under­wood type­writer.” Get ready… you are not going to believe this sto­ry…

So Mom and I head to this antique mall not far from their home. After look­ing in every booth no type­writer was to be found. But we did man­age to find a few lit­tle things and while check­ing out Mom asks the store clerk if they ever get in any old type­writ­ers… the lady looks up and says, “I have an old one in the trunk of my car right now but it is too heavy for me to car­ry.” Okay I must have the strongest eye mus­cles ever because my eyes should have popped com­plete­ly out of my head when I heard the next thing out of her mouth… “It is an old Under­wood and it still works!” Yep, my mouth dropped wide open as I tried to ask if I could see it. What are the odds of you going out to look for an old work­ing Under­wood type­writer, you ask­ing the store clerk if she has one and she states she has one in her trunk? Seri­ous­ly, I would love to know the odds.

So here is our big find… a per­fect­ly work­ing Under­wood type­writer.

What a find...

and this says it all…

Happy Happy Joy Joy

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