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Apr 11, 2008

to all of you who pur­chased my kits. I can­not believe the response. They are all going postal today. So be on the look­out for them in the next few days. Those of you that are inter­na­tion­al more like 2 weeks. I tell ya I have an entire­ly new respect for all you kit club own­ers out there. I thought com­ing up with new a kit each month was hard enough well… add on pack­ing orders, dou­ble check­ing the orders and mail­ing the orders is a HUGE ordeal. Talk about stress. I don’t know how you all do it month after month after month but I am clap­ping and bow­ing to you all.

My dear friend Pat­ti found the punch of all punch­es. I have searched high and low for Fiskars new “THREADING WATER” scal­lop bor­der punch and I’m so hap­py to say she found one and is mail­ing it to me. I am so doing the hap­py dance. I plan on doing a tuto­r­i­al cre­at­ing all kinds of fun things with this punch. That will be post­ed some­time next week.

Sor­ry for the lack of projects and pho­tos. Every­thing I have been work­ing on has been for assign­ments and I can’t share. I think that is the hard­est thing for me to do… not share. If you have any ques­tions on tech­niques leave a com­ment regard­ing one and I will try my best to put up a tuto­r­i­al. This week­end I hope to get out and take some pho­tos since every­thing in Frisco is in full bloom. But first thing tomor­row my friend Lisa and I are going to reor­ga­nize my scrap­room. It needs a major over­haul. So if I don’t post for a few days con­sid­ered me buried under scrap sup­plies and send help.

Wish­ing you all a great week­end.

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