Just playin when I should be workin…

Apr 18, 2008

I really need to be working on some mini albums right now for an assignment but I saw this frame, then found this bird, then remembered about this vintage sheet music and well… you can see what happened. Before I knew it… there was paint and glitter flying all over my scraproom. I plan on putting a monogram on the tag as soon as I figure out who is gonna get this little pretty. This piece can sit on an easel or hang. I love all the sparkly glitter. Glitter makes me so happy as well as creating ribbon flowers. I just can’t seem to make enough of these. They add such a soft feel to projects.

Pink Sprakly FramePink Sprakly Frame

I have had several stores contact me to teach. It makes me so happy to know people like my work well enough to want me to visit. So I might be visiting a store near you soon. I must say teaching makes me so happy. Watching people have fun, learn new techniques (my classes are very technique based classes) and see the light bulb go off when they realize they can stretch their creative process and enjoy it. I even like kitting. I know you are wondering what is up with that but seeing all the products put together knowing people are excited to create the project gets me excited.

Hope you all have a great day. It is gorgeous here today. It wasn’t so great last night though. Grapefruit sized hail is not fun. Thankfully we missed that but poor Fort Worth was blasted with every sized ball shaped hail you can imagine.

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