What a great mail day…

Mar 10, 2008

Yes, Sketchy is just as much fun today as she was 37 years ago. Look at what came in the mail today. I still cannot believe my eyes. I am once again the proud owner of my favorite childhood doll. It just goes to show you if you believe in Santa magical moments happen at any age.


Sketchy Sketchy

And YES… we still have our Christmas tree up (but it sure is a great photo op for the mini album I plan on creating). Once Christmas is over CHA kicks in and I never seem to get it down. I thought for SURE I would get it down before March this year since it was a much easier tree to decorate than last years. Oh well, I don’t turn the lights on like that makes it any better but the neighbors have come to realize this is me and they like me anyway.

Note to self… take the tree down before Spring Break!

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