What a great mail day…

Mar 10, 2008

Yes, Sketchy is just as much fun today as she was 37 years ago. Look at what came in the mail today. I still can­not believe my eyes. I am once again the proud own­er of my favorite child­hood doll. It just goes to show you if you believe in San­ta mag­i­cal moments hap­pen at any age.


Sketchy Sketchy

And YES… we still have our Christ­mas tree up (but it sure is a great pho­to op for the mini album I plan on cre­at­ing). Once Christ­mas is over CHA kicks in and I nev­er seem to get it down. I thought for SURE I would get it down before March this year since it was a much eas­i­er tree to dec­o­rate than last years. Oh well, I don’t turn the lights on like that makes it any bet­ter but the neigh­bors have come to real­ize this is me and they like me any­way.

Note to self… take the tree down before Spring Break!

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