Snow twice in one week…

Mar 7, 2008

Texas weather sure is strange. Monday it snows just enough to make everything look so pretty. Then it is gone by midmorning… Tuesday and Wednesday it is sunny and warm enough for painters to paint the outside of our house… today it is once again cold enough to snow. And snow it did. As I sat waiting for Ansley to get out of school my car was completely covered in snow. It was so pretty to watch fall.

Snow 2008Snow 2008

Snow 2008

Snow 2008 Ansley 2008

These are a few photos taken just after I got home with Ansley. We ended up getting around 2.5 inches and a little more should come tonight. Notice there are no photos of kids building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights etc. Just one not so happy snow bunny with a forced smile! But I am happy I at least got this photo. The snow doesn’t seem to be as fun when you are 14 compared to when you were 7 or 8. Total bummer for me. I love photos of kids playing in the snow.

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