Having Santa for a Dad…

Mar 2, 2008

Really has its perks! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. When I was one month shy of turning 6 years old I received the best doll ever for Christmas!!! Her name was Sketchy. I loved this doll so much. I remember playing with her and being so excited about the pictures she and I created. Mom and I cannot figure out what happened to her as Mom is not the type to give away a prized possession so we figure she must have gotten misplaced during a move. Over the years I have searched for her on eBay hoping to find one in good condition. Sometimes I would get lucky and find a nice looking Sketchy doll but no easel. Or I would find one but she was in very poor condition. She looked loved but not loved by me.

Well a few weeks ago I did another search and BAM there is a Sketchy Doll still in the original box. I told Dad a.k.a Santa I could not believe I found her and he bid on her. We missed out on that one BUT I did another search the very same day and BAM there is ANOTHER Sketchy Doll listed in even better condition. I could not believe it and was thinking what are the odds of this happening? So, Dad bid on her and just a few minutes ago I became the proud owner once again of Sketchy!

I cannot believe I will have this doll. I plan on putting her up in my scraproom to look at everyday. She brings back some of my fondest childhood memories. I plan on creating a mini album of my journey with Sketchy. It took 39 years to complete this journey but it was so worth the wait.

Below are some photos of me getting ready to open my Sketchy Doll on Christmas Eve and holding my Sketchy Doll Christmas Day. Yep it was 1970… the clothes and decor crack me up.

Getting ready to open up my Sketchy Doll My brother and I Christmas Day
“Notice my brother Richard wearing his cowboy attire and his Dallas Cowboys football helmet.”

My new Sketchy Doll
This is on the way to my house.

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