Having Santa for a Dad…

Mar 2, 2008

Real­ly has its perks! I am so excit­ed I can hard­ly con­tain myself. When I was one month shy of turn­ing 6 years old I received the best doll ever for Christ­mas!!! Her name was Sketchy. I loved this doll so much. I remem­ber play­ing with her and being so excit­ed about the pic­tures she and I cre­at­ed. Mom and I can­not fig­ure out what hap­pened to her as Mom is not the type to give away a prized pos­ses­sion so we fig­ure she must have got­ten mis­placed dur­ing a move. Over the years I have searched for her on eBay hop­ing to find one in good con­di­tion. Some­times I would get lucky and find a nice look­ing Sketchy doll but no easel. Or I would find one but she was in very poor con­di­tion. She looked loved but not loved by me.

Well a few weeks ago I did anoth­er search and BAM there is a Sketchy Doll still in the orig­i­nal box. I told Dad a.k.a San­ta I could not believe I found her and he bid on her. We missed out on that one BUT I did anoth­er search the very same day and BAM there is ANOTHER Sketchy Doll list­ed in even bet­ter con­di­tion. I could not believe it and was think­ing what are the odds of this hap­pen­ing? So, Dad bid on her and just a few min­utes ago I became the proud own­er once again of Sketchy!

I can­not believe I will have this doll. I plan on putting her up in my scrap­room to look at every­day. She brings back some of my fond­est child­hood mem­o­ries. I plan on cre­at­ing a mini album of my jour­ney with Sketchy. It took 39 years to com­plete this jour­ney but it was so worth the wait.

Below are some pho­tos of me get­ting ready to open my Sketchy Doll on Christ­mas Eve and hold­ing my Sketchy Doll Christ­mas Day. Yep it was 1970… the clothes and decor crack me up.

Getting ready to open up my Sketchy Doll My brother and I Christmas Day
“Notice my broth­er Richard wear­ing his cow­boy attire and his Dal­las Cow­boys foot­ball hel­met.”

My new Sketchy Doll
This is on the way to my house.

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