Baby Bunnies grow fast…

Mar 13, 2008

Man I am just like a little kid. Now that I know these baby bunnies are in our yard I want to go and peek in on them all the time. I only sneak a peek once a day after Ansley gets home from school. Today one was very curious and kept it’s little head out looking all around. One bunny is really small… about a 1/3 of the size of others. I am worried but it’s eyes are now open and it moves and jumps around like the others. So maybe it is just small. Anyway here are a few photos I took today. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Baby Bunnies
Baby Bunny
Baby Bunny
This evening I sat in our front room waiting to see if I could see the Momma bunny come out to check on them and yep as the day got darker she got closer to the den. Nature sure is a fun thing to watch. I now know she resides in the bushes just under our front window.

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