What a week…

Feb 18, 2008

I can’t believe CHA has come and gone. It is amazing how fast it goes by… just one big fabulous blur. It was great getting to see old friends and make some new ones. The internet is a wonderful thing as I will be able to keep in touch with people I met people from all over the world. While doing make-n-takes in the Maya Road booth…. nearly 500 in 3.5 days I met people from New Zealand, Paris, Germany, Australia, Japan and all over the USA.

I was so happy when Beth Williams Executive Editor of Memory Makers Magazine and GinaMarie Reda Assistant Editor of Memory Makers Magazine came by Maya Road to say hi. It was great getting to chat with them for a bit and actually put a person with their emails. Staci Ethridge and Tracy Austin two MMM ’08 came by to say hi too. They are just as sweet as ever. I was so busy doing make-n-takes that I didn’t get a chance to really chat but just being able to saying hi in person was great. I got to chat with Tracie Radtke while she was doing her make-n-take at the F & W Publishing booth. We even planned a fun post for the MMM blog so be on the lookout for that one. While talking to Tracie I got to meet Katrina Simeck MMM ’07. Talk about super sweet and a pleasure to meet. I ran into Christine Doyle, Editorial Director of Memory Makers Books and got to have a fun and exciting chat with her. As I was coming back from lunch I ran into Greta Hammond MMM ’08, Vicki Boutin, the Queen of Foof herself Teresa McFayden and the super sweet Jenni Bowlin as you can see at every turn there were people to meet, chat with and get to know better. It is so fun to be around all these people with the same hobby.

I got to visit with Tricia and helped her pick out some fun things for future Cocoa Daisy Kits. I got to meet Ali Edwards rather quickly while she and Tricia were walking the floors and I was doing make-n-takes. Some of my ScrapGal friends stopped by to say hi… it is always so fun seeing Celeste Smith. She just quietly stands in line for make-n-takes and when I look up I am always so surprised to see her. I got to talk to Dina Wakley for awhile and meet Amie Farkas.

The one part of CHA that is not fun is all the stealing. It amazes me as to how much product and displays people will steal right out from under your nose. I had 2.5 projects stolen. Thankfully, Caroline caught one person and was able to get back the cover to my bird coaster album. I created it about my daughter and her friend. Of all the items taken this would have been the hardest one to recreate.

So if you happen to see these two projects floating around they are mine and I would love to have them back. No questions asked. Most likely I will never see them again. But I do find it amusing that the owl card is in the Maya Road catalog and would love to know how someone will explain that one as being their own. Kinda funny I think. I don’t know how people live with themselves knowing they took something that does not belong to them and will be missed by the designer.

Be on the lookout… he is wanted!

Be on the lookout… she is wanted!

I will post all about some of the new products that will be must haves for me tomorrow. Some really nice products will be hitting the stores soon.

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