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Jan 11, 2008

Would you like to have your Maya Road project fea­tured at the CHA‑W show? If so, you want to read about this spe­cial open call Maya Road is hav­ing. I am so excit­ed and know the 15 win­ners will be over the moon excit­ed.

I still do not have any projects I can show you just yet and it is killing me! It will be well worth the wait because Car­o­line and Deb have real­ly put togeth­er some incred­i­ble new prod­ucts for CHA‑W and if you keep check­ing their blogs you just might be the first to see some ear­ly sneak peeks. You are all going to be blown away.

If you are not signed up for their Con­sumer Newslet­ter I sug­gest you do so now. This way you can keep updat­ed with all the new hap­pen­ings going on at Maya Road.

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