You’ve Been Grinched…

Dec 8, 2007

I found this and thought I would share it with you. I think it would be great fun for both kids and adults. I do believe Ansley and I just might have to Grinch a few people in our neighborhood. Below is how it all works.

You’ve Just Been Grinched!

You’ve been selected as the recipient of this ornament. The Grinch made it just for you! And you don’t want to disappoint the Grinch!

The following are his demands… If you want to see any presents under your Christmas tree!

1. Hang up one copy of his festive face where all can see so you don’t get Grinched again!

2. Make or buy two ornaments.

3. Send them to two unsuspecting friends-you must include pictures of the Grinch and a copy of this letter so the next Grinchee can send off his/her ornament! Make photocopies if necessary.

4. Bring your package to your friend’s house. Ring the bell and take off! The Grinch would be extremely disappointed if you were to get caught.

5. Don’t break the chain if you want a Merry Christmas.

And my friend Patti sent me this link. She Elfed a group of us Fiskateers… we appear in this order… Me, Jane Hasty, Patti Church and Stephenie Hamen. I think it is so funny. They are all at a crop right now and I really do not like being geographically challenged. Because I am here and they are there! Have fun. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs. I miss you three a lot.

We are putting up the tree this evening. I have been cleaning the front room all day. This years tree will look totally different from last years. It is so easy and I love it! First time ever I have placed colored lights on my tree. Ansley is thrilled. I will show photos once we get it just right. Have a wonderful evening.

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