Paper Dolls and Holiday Photos…

Dec 3, 2007

Alan has placed my Candy Cane Kisses and Gingerbread Wishes Paper Doll in the For Sale section of my blog. The Download includes a complete Supply and Tool List, Step by Step instructions, my one-of-a-kind Paper Doll Template and Color Images to help you create along the way. I think this Paper Doll will look adorable in a layout or framed.

Thanks to all of you who have been purchasing my Downloads. It warms my heart to know you like my Tutorials that much.

I am doing a Photo A Day Challenge on ScrapGal. So Ansley and I had a little photo shot with her and Zeusy. All I have to say is… Gosh what a difference a year makes. Last year, Ansley still had her little girl look, which by the way I was holding on to like mad. This year, I might as well give up and start waving the white flag. Ansley has turned into a beautiful young lady, and to me it seems like it all happened overnight.

Ansley Dec. 2006
Ansley 2006

Ansley Dec. 2007
Ansley 2007

Ansley loves her little dog Zeusy. Here is their Christmas Photo. Thankfully we had Alan to stand behind me acting like a goof so he would look at the camera. Zeus did not like wearing his coat. I guess he figured out it was a CAT cape *GASP* I know but Ansley and I thought it was the cutest and it fit him perfectly.

Ansley and Zeus Dec. 2007 Zeusy Dec. 2007

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