WOW… what a weekend!

Nov 6, 2007

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to San Antonio to attend a Fiskars Fisk-a-teers Crafting Ambassadors event. I have never attended such a well organized, fun filled, action packed training session. Brains on Fire organized a weekend I will never forget. I got to take classes given by lead Fisk-a-teers Holly, Stephenie and Cheryl as well as Heidi Grace of Heidi Grace Designs (totally adorable and the funniest storyteller ever one minute she had us laughing the next she had us grabbing Kleenex) and Nancy with Cloud 9 Design taught an adorable calendar class using many of her great paper lines . Each class was filled with loads of incredible Fiskars products. We were taught how to use each one and then got to keep everything after we finished the adorable project they had for us to create .

My roommate was Patti Church Fiskateer #377. Talk about a perfect match. I was really worried about not knowing who my roommate was going to be, because I am pretty shy in settings like that but Patti was perfect. We clicked the second we met and laughed so much by the end of each day my face hurt. She is so FUNNY and will always be a great friend. We were lucky enough to get to attend every class together and thank goodness I had her to keep me on track. With so much going on it was extremely hard for me to stay focused. I have never cut so many pieces of paper wrong in my life or gotten lost in the directions that were explained so easily a kindergarten student could have figured it out. Thankfully I had “Perfect Patti” as my keeper. She was the best and I wish she lived closer because I really miss her.

I got to FINALLY meet Jane Hasty Fiskateer #329. I have so wanted to meet her and each time the possibility came up something happened. Jane is an incredible photographer. You really need to check out her blog. It was so fun to get to know her roommate Kimberly Brock Fiskateer #1044. Talk about always looking like a “Rodeo Queen” she always looked so dang cute wearing her Fiskateer hat. Gretchen Schmidt Fiskateer #51 also sat at our table. I have chatted back and forth with her for so long and it was great to finally get to meet her. Gosh the list of people I met could go on and on. It is great to be a part of the so called “Fabulous Fifty”. Bonds were formed this weekend that I know will last a lifetime. It overwhelms me when I think about being a part of this group.

Now my next task is to train 20 people that want to become Fiskars Demonstrators in the DFW area. If you are interested in teaching and want to become a Fiskateer Ambassador look for one of the “Fabulous Fifty” in your area. If you made it this far in my post I feel it only right to offer a RAK. Just leave a comment about your favorite Fiskars product and I will place your name into a drawing for a Stamp Press.

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