Busy Project Day…

Nov 28, 2007

I love these little Ballerinas so much and bottle brush trees… oh man do I love bottle brush trees. Oh, and glass beads, these are from vintage garland, another one of my favorites. Oh and dang I’m hyper can you tell… I have vintage Mica around the Ballerina on top of the jar as well as glass shards and glitter (Big Surprise there I’m sure). Alan will be adding items for sale on my blog (including these) several times a week, so if you want original one-of-a-kind items check back and see if I have anything you might like.

Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jar Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jar Close Up
I think this jar… the entire piece stands approx. 9.25 inches tall… would be adorable filled with candies or hot chocolate and given to a special friend or family member. It has an office tag with a snowflake attached waiting for that someone special’s name.
Sugar Plum Fairy Paper Mache Box Sugar Plum Fairy Paper Mache Box Close Up
This paper mache box measures approx. 3 inches wide and the total piece stands approx. 7 inches tall. I painted the entire box and added white boa, glitter tinsel, pink pom pom trim, bottle brush trees, satin seam binding, a ballerina, snowflakes, rhinestones and iridescent fibers.

My scraproom is doing some major sparkling this evening. I plan on making a few other items tomorrow. Not sure what they will be as I never seem to know what I am going to create. I just walk in and start picking items up, putting them together and before I know I am deep into a project.

So until tomorrow… have a wonderful evening.

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