What a fun day…

Oct 15, 2007

Sun­day I was invit­ed to take a sol­der­ing class at Aunt Aunie’s Beads. Heather Ales who is also a Maya Road design team mem­ber got a group of peo­ple togeth­er for a spe­cial Sun­day class and man was it fun. Sol­der­ing is so easy. I had pic­tured it to be this real­ly com­pli­cat­ed tech­nique but nope it isn’t. If you ever have the chance to take a class near you do it… oh the end­less cre­ative pos­si­bil­i­ties this craft opens up for you. There are so many neat things you can cre­ate. Here are the 4 lit­tle 1 x 1 inch charms I made.… remem­ber, this is my first time to sol­der. Hope­ful­ly, you will see an improve­ment on my next attempt.

1 x 1 inch Charms (Front)

1 x 1 inch Charms (Back)

I’m also work­ing on some neat projects that are VERY FOOF!!! I mean so Foof that Tere­sa McFay­den’s eyes might pop out of her head. Gosh, I hope she sees the humor in that last sen­tence and knows I am a great fan of her work. Any­way, I’m alter­ing a Maya Road Secret Box and Secret Album and a Maya Road Tri­an­gle Ban­ner Coast­er Album using some Philadel­phia Upper­case Alpha­bet let­ters as an accent.

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