Old Fashioned Christmas…

Oct 9, 2007

I love anything that has to do with an old fashioned Christmas and walking into a room with only the glow of Christmas tree lights and the sparkle from glass ornaments makes me so calm and so happy. Those of you that know me will agree… for me calm is a good thing. I am usually bouncing here and there with some kind of project or plan.

This weekend I worked on a little project using vintage Christmas sheet music, silver pipe cleaners AND one of my favorites, Mica Snow. Man this little project made me want to go up in our attic and drag down the tree. Please note… I did not do this just thought really hard about it but my neighbors already think I am a bit strange since it is common for me to still have the tree up until the end of February. I just do not like taking it down. So I showed great control and kept on creating. But let me tell ya the Mica Snow was flying.

This little house will be an add on kit for November at Cocoa Daisy. If you are interested in purchasing (pre-ordering) this kit contact Tricia at Tricia@cocoadaisy.com. Tricia will let you know what will be included in the kit and the cost.

Holiday House Holiday House

Wishing you all a great day. Oh and Christmas is only 76 days away.

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