Sep 20, 2007

While I was in Beau­mont Alan and Ans­ley switched my scrap­room and Ans­ley’s bed­room. I got a big­ger scrap­room and Ans­ley got the room with the pol­ka dots paint­ed on the walls (Ter­ri’s old room). Ans­ley loves any­thing with pol­ka dots. This was a huge task and I am so thank­ful I did not have to do it!!! I still can­not believe they got it com­plet­ed before I came home. I think the 170 pounds of scrap­ping prod­ucts all over the liv­ing room was a great moti­va­tor. I received a huge box of sup­plies from Fiskars while I was gone. So this on top of my MMM prizes I was in seri­ous trou­ble. As soon as I got home Sat­ur­day start­ed work­ing on get­ting orga­nized so I could fit all this prod­uct in my scrap­room. Here are a few pho­tos show­ing my stor­age solu­tions.

Vintage Buttons
Vin­tage but­tons stored in a glass jar I bought for .59 cents at a resale shop.

Basic Supplies
My basic sup­plies stored in old glass vases/planters. I found these at a resale shop for $1 each. They are the per­fect size for my work area.

Rhinestones and Gems
This lit­tle dish used to hold my Mom’s bub­ble bath when she was a lit­tle girl but now it holds my rhine­stones and gems.

Storage 12 x 12 Storage and Buckets
The plas­tic stor­age con­tain­ers are from Tar­get. The met­al buck­ets I found at JoAnns on clear­ance.

Paint Punches
These clear over the door shoe hold­ers are per­fect for my paints, emboss­ing pow­ders and punch­es.

Also… I have start­ed blog­ging on the Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Mas­ters Blog. You need to check it out. Each MMM will post off and on dur­ing the week. Lots of fun stuff to see, learn and read… lay­outs, tech­niques and ideas. I hope you vis­it and post to say hi.

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