Look what came my way…

Sep 30, 2007

you bet and I am going to savor every sin­gle bite and every lit­tle grain of sug­ar because I LOVE PEEPS! I see a unique mini album is going to be in the works regard­ing my love of Peeps.

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Fun Challenge…

Sep 29, 2007

Pat­ty Craft at Mem­o­ry Mak­ers post­ed a fun chal­lenge on her blog. If you win you get a free copy of the We Dare You book from Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Books. Below is a sneak peek of the chal­lenge lay­out I cre­at­ed last night.

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Sep 22, 2007

We get to meet Hei­di Grace of Hei­di Grace Designs, Nan­cy Mar­tinez of Cloud 9 Designs, Julie McGuf­fee of PBS, Suzanne Walk­er of Fiskars TV, Michele Dougher­ty Dean of AC Moore Col­lege of Craft­ing and Rachel Wright the Direc­tor of Edu­ca­tion from JoAn­n’s.

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Sep 20, 2007

While I was in Beau­mont Alan and Ans­ley switched my scrap­room and Ans­ley’s bed­room. I got a big­ger scrap­room and Ans­ley got the room with the pol­ka dots paint­ed on the walls (Ter­ri’s old room).

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I’m back home…

Sep 19, 2007

Here is a pho­to of I took of him just a lit­tle over a week and a half after his surgery. Aman­da had her braces tak­en off, got her dri­vers license and start­ed her first job.

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