Talk about a phone call…

Aug 22, 2007

and one I will never forget. Getting the call from Patty Craft saying I was a Memory Makers Master for 2008 is just so overwhelming. I can’t believe my name is among this group of talent. I go from being shocked, to wired to dazed. Here is a little bit about my call.

August 20, 2008 (9:39 a.m.)

I had pretty much given up over the weekend. I thought for sure the calls had already been made and some very happy ladies were bouncing off the walls. Saturday, Alan even brought me flowers as he could tell I was a bit down. So I stayed up really late Sunday night working on a project. This is always great therapy. I was up until 4 in the morning. So Monday morning the phone rings at 9:39! I am still in bed half awake and I see a 513 area code. I think no way…. I was scared to answer the phone. All I heard was… “is Lisa there this is (did not hear a name at all due to shock) my mind went blank. Every word sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher, you know the sound. Then I hear you are one of the MMM winners! I just sat on the edge of my bed with tunnel vision, my dogs jumping all over me wondering what was going on cause all I could say was OMG…. OMG…. OMG… I can hardly remember the phone call. My mind just went blank. I could not believe I was sitting on the edge of my bed talking to Patty Craft… oh I had to ask who I was talking to cause I could not remember her name. Heck I was doing good to remember my own name. It truly is a moment I will never forget. I still cannot believe it when I see my name listed. Monday, I checked the caller ID on my phone so many times to make sure I really did get that call that I lost count. Not being able to shout it out to everyone was so darn hard.

I am so looking forward to getting to know all MMM for 2008. I am sure this will be a year we all will never forget.

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