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Aug 1, 2007

I can’t believe it has been a week… I’m sure all of you have seen lots of CHA photos by now. Sorry about that but I do have a great excuse for not posting. I decided to enter the 2008 Memory Makers Master Contest at the last minute. So for the past week I have been in a scrapping frenzy. Last week I was chatting with Caroline about some book ideas and before I knew it she had me entering MMM! Gotta love friends like her that give you that little extra push. I would not have entered but now that it is all over and my package has been delivered I’m really glad I did. Thanks C.

CHA is a great experience. Catching up with friends from all over, meeting online friends for the first time and the early mornings and late nights, to me are so addicting. I love the feeling of a deadline and that slight… I don’t think I can move exhaustion. I honestly love everything about CHA.

Here is a group photo we took in the Maya Road booth the last day of the show. I love all these women and find them all so inspiring.
Maya Road Group Photo

From left to right…. Heather, Caroline, Jessica, Aubrey, Judi, Me and Deborah

Tomorrow I will share some of my photos of Downtown Chicago. Jess and I had so much fun and lots of laughs in the few hours we had until we needed to catch a plane.

Have a great day.

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