Maya Road Sneak Peek… #4

Jul 12, 2007

I thought I would update my blog tonight since I will be going to play with this sweet lit­tle boy tomor­row morn­ing. Gosh I love me some Noah time. He is so darn cute… just look at this face.

Baby Noah who isn’t much of a baby anymore!

His Mom­my Car­o­line and Aun­tie Deb are at full throt­tle right now. So while his Mom­my works we get to play. Those of you that will be attend­ing CHA are going to love all the projects that will be dis­played in the booth… LOADS and LOADS and LOADS of eye can­dy. If you stop by make sure to say hi! Here is part of the CHA‑S cat­a­log if you want to take a look at some of the great stuff com­ing out. Car­o­line and Deb are adding items dai­ly.

Now for sneak peek #4… this is the new 3 x 3 accor­dion album. I LOVE this size and this lit­tle project can be com­plet­ed in an evening. Which is pret­ty good for me, I can’t remem­ber when I fin­ished one that fast. The scal­lop frame, roy­al­ty crown and microchip hearts are also being released at CHA‑S. The paper line is “Beloved” by Danelle John­son. I love the pink and black com­bi­na­tion and can’t seem to get enough of this paper. The pho­tos inside the album are of my sweet, adorable lit­tle niece Isabel­la Kate. I get to see her Aug. 2 and believe me I am count­ing the days.

Images removed for pub­li­ca­tion. This project will be in the Dec/Jan 2008 issue of Paper Trends.
Oh and the quote inside is the cutest! My niece Made­lyn (4 yrs. old) now known as the “Big Sis­ter” of the house (nev­er mind that Aman­da “THE BIG SISTER” will turn 16 in just a few days) said this the day Isabel­la Kate came home.

Made­lyn was hold­ing Isabel­la Kate for the first time and Isabel­la Kate’s bow fell out. Well Made­lyn says to her Dad­dy… “Dad­dy put her bow back in… she can’t be a Princess with­out her bow.” I think this is the cutest quote ever and will use it on many more projects I’m sure.

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