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Jul 24, 2007

What a show!!! Maya Road­’s booth was one packed booth all three days! At times, it was so packed peo­ple were shoul­der to shoul­der. It was a blast doing make-n-takes and get­ting to meet so many of my online friends and Maya Road lovers.

I had sev­er­al projects picked up for pub­li­ca­tion and seem to be get­ting clos­er to a book deal. Pub­lish­ing an idea book has been a dream of mine for quite some time. So we will see how fast or slow this project evolves.

I will post more lat­er as I have pho­tos and links to gal­leries I want to make sure you see. Today I have so much to do… unpack­ing and wash­ing are top on the list.

I will be giv­ing away a won­der­ful Maya Road RAK so get ready to find out what you have to do for a chance to win these prod­ucts. This RAK will be filled with lots of new releas­es that aren’t yet in the stores.

Wish­ing you all a great day.

Let me clar­i­fy as I believe there is a bit of con­fu­sion.… I DO NOT have a BOOK DEAL… just get­ting some names in order. Yes I want one and believe me when it hap­pens you will all know.

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