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May 20, 2007

Here is my thank you note to Martha Stew­art. I real­ly love her craft line and had lots of fun using all her prod­ucts. I cre­at­ed this accor­dion thank you note using her scal­loped note cards, seam bind­ing rib­bons, pat­tern papers, binder hole punch, chip­board let­ters and dimen­sion­al flower stick­ers. Each end is an unsealed enve­lope. I placed my hand writ­ten note in one end and some addi­tion­al pho­tos of her prod­ucts on the shelves in Michaels on the oppo­site end.

img_1723-1.JPG img_1726-1.JPG

img_1724-1.JPG img_1725-1.JPG

I love the 18 x 18 sheets of paper… there are so many ways to use them. I bought three of the designs to make my paper doll dress­es and to use as the back­ground. The scal­loped note cards are very nice. The weight and qual­i­ty are excep­tion­al. I will cer­tain­ly have a set on hand at all times. I LOVE the binder punch. This is one handy punch. There is no way you can not line up the holes. It is won­der­ful. The seam bind­ing rib­bon is my favorite. I love the tex­ture and airy feel they all have and the col­ors are incred­i­ble. These too will be a sta­ple in my scrap­room.

Here are pho­tos of the front and back when it is closed.

I had three lay­outs and eight cards picked by Scrap­book­ing & Beyond and Paper Cre­ations. I’m pret­ty hap­py about that. Now I just need to fin­ish typ­ing up all my prod­uct lists as well as instruc­tions. I’m just about fin­ished but YIKES… I nev­er real­ize just how much I put on my projects until I start list­ing every­thing used.
img_1728.JPG img_1729.JPG

Hope your day is a good one.

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