One NERVOUS Nellie.…

May 4, 2007

in the house. I get to talk to Martha Stew­art Tues­day, May 8th live on her show! That is as long as my phone con­ver­sa­tion does­n’t get bumped as told to me via the pro­duc­er. I’m a ner­vous wreck. I have loved Martha since the 80’s and can’t believe I get to talk to her about the lay­out I entered in her con­test. I saw her at CHA‑W in Ana­heim. She actu­al­ly walked past me twice. I’m sure I looked extreme­ly intel­li­gent with my eyes pop­ping out of my head and my mouth wide open! Any­way, Karen will be call­ing me either Sat­ur­day or Mon­day to go over what I’m sup­posed to do and how it all works. Thank good­ness the call will be around 9 a.m. cen­tral time as my heart could not take wait­ing all day long, Tues­day. I’m hard­ly hang­ing in there now. I sent Karen a pho­to and a para­graph about me and my lay­out and now I just need to come up with a “Good Thing Tip” for scrap­book­ing to share on the show. I’m gonna have to write stuff down and have it handy. I have a feel­ing my mind is gonna go com­plete­ly blank when I hear Martha’s voice. And so that I know where it is at all times I am going to attach it to my body right next to my cell phone. I have had my cell phone basi­cal­ly glued to me since I got my first call from Karen Sun­day evening and MISSED IT! That was tor­ture wait­ing for her to call back.

Well today besides think­ing about Martha all day long I’m going to take my broth­er-in-law Dougie to the air­port, work on some projects and try to not go to Celebri­ty Cafe and Bak­ery to eat their fab­u­lous coconut ice box pie! Noth­ing set­tles the nerves bet­ter than a great coconut creme pie!

Have a great day.

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