5 Quick and Easy Chipboard Embellishments for any Project or Layout

May 2, 2007

5 Quick and Easy Chip­board Embell­ish­ments for any Project or Lay­out
By Lisa M. Pace

1. Crack­le Effect. To cre­ate the crack­led effect on chip­board I like to use Mak­ing Mem­o­ries paint and DecoArt Weath­ered Wood Crack­ling Medi­um. First, paint your chip­board the col­or you want to peak through. In this exam­ple I used MM Lemon, Mead­ow, Daiquiri and Straw­ber­ries and Cream. Once the paint is dry, brush on the crack­ling medi­um mak­ing sure not to get too thin of a lay­er and set aside to dry, this will take a while 30 min. to an hour. Once your crack­ling medi­um has dried, light­ly brush on your top coat of paint. I used MM Spot­light. Do not paint over the crack­ling medi­um more than once or you will paint over the cracks. Just light­ly paint and move on to the next sec­tion. Once the paint has dried you can add Stick­les or MM Glit­ter Glaze for a bit of bling or MM Clear Glaze if you want your let­ters to be shine.

Crackle Effect

2. Use chip­board as a sten­cil. Anoth­er thing I like to do is use the neg­a­tive por­tion from chip­board as a sten­cil. Here I used the neg­a­tive por­tion from a 12 x 12 sheet of chip­board to cre­ate this smoke embell­ish­ment. All you do is trace and cut out. This also makes for a great jour­nal­ing embell­ish­ment.

Use chipboard as a stencil.

3. Cre­ate a vin­tage look. I also love any­thing with a vin­tage feel. This look is so easy to achieve. All I did was paint my Maya Road Scroll Cor­ner with Mak­ing Mem­o­ries Daiquiri paint. While still wet apply Mak­ing Mem­o­ries Sil­ver Glit­ter on top. Once dry just shake off the excess glit­ter and adhere to your project. Using any type of ledger paper seems to always give such a nice vin­tage feel. Here I used ledger paper by Mak­ing Mem­o­ries. I cut out my hearts using Fiskars Pink­ing deco scis­sors and stamped the flower images with the new Jour­ney East  Jas­mine Clear Stamps by Maya Road and Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Inks in Chest­nut Roan and Creamy Brown.

Create a vintage look.

4. Use your pens. Kry­lon pens are real­ly fun to use on chip­board. In my diet coke lay­out I paint­ed some Maya Road chip­board let­ters using Mak­ing Mem­o­ries Cran­ber­ry paint. Once dry I out­lined the let­ters using a Kry­lon Sil­ver Leaf­ing pen. Talk about super easy. Kry­lon pens are so easy to use and real­ly add a great pop of col­or to any project.

Use your pens.

5. Make a lay­ered flower. To recre­ate this flower you will need a Maya Road Coast­er Chip­board Flower and a Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower. Apply pat­tern paper to both chip­board flow­ers, using sand paper or the Basic­Grey File Set (per­fect for this project) sand edges of flow­ers to make the paper flush around the edges. Now trace the Coast­er Chip­board Flower onto pat­tern paper and cut out slight­ly small­er than actu­al image. Crum­ple the cut out flower in your hands and light­ly smooth out. Next, attach the crum­pled flower to the top of your Maya Road Coast­er Chip­board Flower. Now attach the Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower on top of the crum­pled flower and embell­ish the cen­ter of the Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower with a but­ton that has been thread­ed with fiber. If you want to add a bit of bling you can ran­dom­ly place some Star Dust Stick­les onto your flower or light­ly edge the petals with glue and apply glit­ter.

Make a layered flower.

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