What do I do.…

Apr 30, 2007

when I’m wait­ing for a call back from a real­ly impor­tant per­son.… CREATE. Today has been the longest day EVER. Hope­ful­ly, I will be very hap­py in the end. But the wait­ing is KILLING ME. So here is what I cre­at­ed today. I made all the rib­bon flow­ers last night using some Maya Road rib­bon. Their rib­bon is per­fect for mak­ing flow­ers. The weight and width are real­ly easy to work with and the col­or choic­es are great. FYI… make sure you have good thread. If you don’t it will break when you tie the dou­ble knot… trust me when I say this…



I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the oth­er four flow­ers but I do know they will make it on some project for sure. I just love them.

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