Tying a Perfect Bow Every time!

Apr 9, 2007

Instructions for Tying the Perfect Bow Every time
By Lisa M. Pace

1. Cut ribbon to approx. 12 inches. Larger if you want a big floppy bow.
2. Fold in half to find the center of your ribbon.


3. Make a loop to the left of center and then to the right of center.


4. You should try to have about 1 ¼ inches in between the two loops.


5. Now tie the two loops together just as you would when you are tying your shoes.


6. Now straighten your bow as you feel needed.


7. Cut the length of the ribbon ends to the appropriate length for your project.

P.S. Don’t pay any attention to my very beat up hands and nails… I have been on a creating frenzy as of late. I hope this little tutorial helps some of you.

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