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Apr 20, 2007

has a little bit of everything.

First, Maya Road…. this months challenge was “Bloom where you are planted” Jess had all the design team members create a project or layout using any of the wonderful floral products such as chipboard Blossoms, Petals, the new Journey East ribbons, the new floral clear stamps, ribbon slides and blossom albums. Talk about a fun challenge. Maya Road has flowers!

Second, Cocoa Daisy…. Tricia is holding a Design Team call to add two more Daisy Divas to the team. If you are looking to be on a design team this is the call for you. Tricia is fabulous to design for, is very generous with product and has built a wonderful community to hang out at. This months Daisy Talk includes an altered coaster I created. These are so fun to make and take hardly any time.

and Third…. my cousin David from Maine is visiting the DFW area for a work related project. Last night we got to spend some time together which was great. I haven’t seen him in nearly 9 years. I must say it ended up being one thing after another trying to get him from Love Field and entertaining him as well. We went to pick him up from the airport and could not find him… we both said we were at “Departures” and of course neither of us could see each other. Finally, Alan got out and looked for the tall thin guy, wearing glasses with a New England accent. Finally found him at a very confusing area and 5 trips around the airport. I should have known then it was gonna be a night. I took the wrong turn out of the airport and ended up lost. Alan got us back on track and heading for 35. Well, all would have been well if the on ramp wasn’t CLOSED! So we turned around headed back to where we came from to find the tollway. After 45 min. of u-turns and back tracking we finally found the tollway. David kept saying, “remember as far as I know this is the right way as I have not been here before… what do I know.” Which would make me laugh but I was so frustrated. I do not like being lost. So we are now headed for the Rough Riders game (AA baseball and farm team to the Texas Rangers) we thought it would be a fun night since he likes baseball to show him our stadium and watch the game. Well we get there and they had a bad water leak on the field so the game was called OFF! Yep, called off. I could not believe it.

So me being the ever so devoted scrapper had to take a photo of the game that never was.


Since baseball game hot dogs were out of the question for dinner we decided to take him to eat at “The Abbey” this is a quaint little restaurant in Downtown Frisco. The building was once a First Baptist Church. It was built in 1904 and served for 70 years as a meeting place for the church founded in 1902. It really is neat little place to eat. Oh and as we are heading to the Abbey Ansley and her friend Erin notice the “Snowcone Lady” is open. If you live in Frisco you know and love the snowcone lady. She makes the best snowcones and is the first sign that summer is just around the corner. So after dinner we had to take David there to enjoy this Frisco treat. He will never have another snowcone like the one he had last night.


Well after we left the snowcone lady I realized we did not get a photo at the Abbey so back we went. This explains the snowcones everyone is eating. The first photo has Ansley jumping thinking she felt a bug in her hair when actually it was just Alan putting his arm around her. I was so thankful she didn’t scream causing people to run out. The girl cannot stand bugs and has a scream that can shatter glass.



After showing David all the schools the girls have attended and giving him a quick tour of our city we headed home. And even though we got lost, made wrong turns, missed out on a baseball game, back tracked to take forgotten photos it was a wonderful evening. We were in the car laughing and I still got to visit with my cousin that I do not see nearly enough. The night really did prove that the small stuff is all that matters… sitting in a car and catching up with my cousin.

If you made it this far. You really are a loyal blog reader. Please leave me a comment and I will put you in for a drawing to receive a wonderful RAK.

Have a great day.

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