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Apr 13, 2007

Ter­ri’s friend Ash­ley called me to tell me she saw Martha Stew­art talk­ing about my lay­out on her show this after­noon and I MISSED IT! I entered Martha’s con­test but had no idea she was going to show my lay­out. I just can­not believe it… I’m so thrilled and am scram­bling around try­ing to get my hands on a copy of the show so I can see and hear my 5 min­utes of fame. I think Tri­cia from Cocoa Daisy is gonna be able to make me a copy. I love hav­ing friends all over the US… miss one time zone just try anoth­er. I guess this will teach me to stay up all night work­ing on projects. The rea­son I missed the show is because I was sleep­ing!

Since I men­tioned Cocoa Daisy I thought it would be nice to give you a lit­tle sneak peek of the May kit. It is tru­ly fun and funky. You will have a blast play­ing with all the neat prod­ucts.



I am work­ing on a few cute projects and will most like­ly be able to show you this week­end. We have some real­ly bad weath­er com­ing our way. So not sure just how much cre­at­ing I will be able to do since I will be glued to the weath­er chan­nel. It is Spring in Texas and you nev­er know when a tor­na­do will pop up.

Hope you all have a great week­end… be cre­ative.

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