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Apr 15, 2007

tomor­row is my day to host the Man­ic Mon­day chal­lenge at Scrap­Gal. My chal­lenge will be “Con­fess your Love.” So if you want to get an ear­ly start here it is…

This weeks MM chal­lenge is to “Confess your Love” the only rule I have is you can­not scrap about your fam­i­ly. You can con­fess your love of gar­den­ing, ani­mals, cook­ing etc. I love “Golden Retriev­er­s” to me they are the best all around dog and are a per­fect match for our fam­i­ly. So my chal­lenge lay­out this week shows Sophie and Son­ny when he was 10 weeks old and teething, poor Sophie. Her ears were nev­er the same after that.

I love these pho­tos of Sophie and Son­ny. We was just 10 weeks old and in full pup­py mode. The crowns are by Maya Road. I feel a new addic­tion com­ing on. I am so lov­ing crowns! I want to put them on every­thing. The vel­vet rib­bon is Maya Road too. Talk about just fab­u­lous rib­bon. The col­ors and tex­ture are just over the top in qual­i­ty. I’m tru­ly blessed to be a part of their DT. Deb and Car­o­line are great to work for… they hon­est­ly treat you like part of their fam­i­ly.





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