Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Apr 18, 2007

Rib­bon Flower Tuto­r­i­al
By Lisa M. Pace

1. Cut rib­bon approx­i­mate­ly 12 inch­es
2. Start­ing at one end of your rib­bon weave your thread­ed nee­dle in and out of the rib­bon as shown (I thread my nee­dle with the thread still on the spool. This way I don’t have to wor­ry about not hav­ing my thread long enough or my rib­bon com­ing off of the thread)


3. Con­tin­ue weav­ing your thread­ed nee­dle all the way to the end of the rib­bon

4. Once you are to the end of the rib­bon pull the thread through the rib­bon to make it gath­er


5. Cut thread mak­ing sure to leave enough thread for you to tie a dou­ble knot
6. Gath­er your rib­bon as tight as pos­si­ble



7. Dou­ble knot your thread
8. Glue the cut ends of your rib­bon togeth­er mak­ing sure the glued ends point to the under­side of the rib­bon flower


9. Once the glue has dried flat­ten out your flower


10. Adhere your but­ton to the cen­ter of the flower (in my exam­ple I used two and placed one on top of the oth­er) using a hot glue gun


Have fun! The pos­si­bil­i­ties for these flow­ers are end­less.

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