Nothing like playing…

Apr 12, 2007

with some boa and a silver pipe cleaner. I swear I am so addicted to silver pipe cleaners. I just love the way they look on my projects. Here is a little basket I created last night. I just love how it turned out. I’m not sure what it’s plans are as far as decorating my house but it will eventually be filled with something pretty and sitting proudly on a table. I love the Maya Road crown peeking out from the bow. These little crowns are just too cute and scream girly! I love them.




I’ve also been wanting to try to make these little embellishments since I see them just about every place I look. Well last night when I should have been sleeping I decided to try and make one. These are so easy and are adorable. I plan on putting this one on a mini album cover and will certainly be making more.


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