A Little “Peeps” show

Apr 10, 2007

sor­ry just had to say it. Here is a peek of a lay­out I am work­ing on for a chal­lenge at Scrap­Gal. I should have it fin­ished tomor­row and will upload the entire pho­to. But for now this will have to do.

The jour­nal­ing reads:

I love Peeps. I like them either fresh out of the box or stale from sit­ting out on the counter. I’ll eat them right out of the microwave all puffy and warm or hav­ing sat for a bit and now cool and crispy. They can be dipped in choco­late and cov­ered in sprin­kles it does­n’t mat­ter. How­ev­er I can get them is fine with me. They can be chicks or bun­nies, pink, yel­low or blue I don’t care, I just love PEEPS!


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