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Mar 9, 2007

I’m not sure how many of you know about Scrap­Gal but it is my favorite online com­mu­ni­ty and I have to make sure every­one knows about it. I also have to say Car­ly (own­er) has the best online ser­vice. I think Car­ly must go to the post office dai­ly to ship orders. When I place an order it is sent out the next, if not the very same day and is at my door two days lat­er. Real­ly, I don’t know how she does it. Car­ly always has the lat­est and great­est prod­ucts. Dina is an awe­some Design Team Coor­di­na­tor. She is so cre­ative as well as inspir­ing. You should see what Dina does with Ham­bly! Just awe­some. Dina cre­ates the newslet­ter each month for Scrap­Gal and the March newslet­ter has a great tech­nique that I can’t wait to try. You real­ly need to check it out. Here are a few lay­outs I cre­at­ed using some of the new Basic­Grey Stel­la Ruby and Scenic Route

I am work­ing on a chal­lenge at Scrap­Gal but won’t have it com­plet­ed until next week as I am leav­ing for Beau­mont again tomor­row. Ans­ley and I are going to enjoy a few days of Spring Break vis­it­ing every­one. Last week­end was too quick a trip. When we head back to Frisco Tues­day, my niece Aman­da will come back with us and stay until Sun­day.

This week I sent my first free­lance assign­ment to BHG Scrap­books etc. I was pret­ty excit­ed about it too, to say the least. The lay­out I cre­at­ed was for the “Make it Yours” col­umn and will be in the Aug/Sept. issue. I guess you will have to wait a few months before you get to see it.

I also fin­ished up an assign­ment for Maya Road. I can show it to you after the 15th. It is a ban­ner for my new niece that is due the end of May. I cre­at­ed it using the Maya Road blos­soms chip­boardcoast­ers, chip­board let­ters (New York low­er­case) , foun­da­tions jour­nal­ing stamps, crushed vel­vet rib­bons and vel­vet ric rac. I paint­ed the chip­board let­ters using Mak­ing Mem­o­ries paint and their new glit­ter glaze.

Well I guess I have put off wash­ing clothes long enough. I real­ly do need to get busy wash­ing and pack­ing. Oh one oth­er thing… I have a lit­tle sur­prise… some of my paper dolls will be for sale start­ing in April. I plan on cre­at­ing some off and on to sell. They will come signed by me and ready for you to place in a lay­out, shad­ow box or on a can­vas. These sweet girls will be wear­ing their Spring­time best as well as show their unique per­son­al­i­ties. You will get to meet Isabel­la Kate, Made­lyn Grace, Ans­ley Danae, Ter­ri Lee and Aman­da Lee. They are excit­ed about mak­ing their debut. More about this when I return.

Have a great week­end and don’t for­get to Spring for­ward an hour Sun­day morn­ing.

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