Jan 15, 2007

I am having so much fun playing with all the new items from Maya Road. CHA is just around the corner and I cannot wait to get there to see what everyone has created with all their new products. Maya Road has loads of neat new items coming out so make sure you check out their booth. I will be working in the booth off and on, so say Hi if I’m there. Here are a few things I have created so far. They are two mini albums and a canvas. You are so going to love these albums! I am always going to have some of these on hand. They are fabulous!



This little item I created using products for my Jan. Cocoa Daisy Kit. I added some Maya Road products to create a cute little something. You can see the finished product sometime tomorrow on Notes from the Journey.


Well back to creating. I have another really cute project to finish for Maya Road. I will post a teaser when I am finished.

Hope you are all staying warm. It is cold here in Frisco. Lots of ice on the trees. I will be out taking photos tomorrow. The trees look so pretty covered in ice. I just hope it doesn’t get too windy tomorrow causing the branches to break. They have been warning us of this possibility.
Hugs to all…

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