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Dec 13, 2006

Okay, I just feel you have to see my tree at night. I think it is so magical and wish you could see it in person. One strand of lights are set to blink, twinkle, glow etc. It is so fun to watch and see what comes next. So here are a few photos for you to see.
Tree Full at Night

Tree Angle

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Last night, burning the midnight oil once again, Connie came and decorated our piano. I was the clean up girl. I basically did whatever she told me to do in between my cleaning. I have no clue and feel like I am in the way when she is in her zone. So I just pick up wrappers and vacuum snow. Here is what the piano looked like this morning. I think it is beautiful and full of fun!
Piano full

Piano Close Up

Her husband Rick is decorating our mantel using pieces of their village. So I will have more photos later of that. It will be so pretty and I promise you have never seen a village like they have. It is truly magical and unbelievable. Store displays aren’t as nice as their village. They have been collecting pieces for years and really do a wonderful job putting it all together. Now if I could just find someone to finish up my shopping and making my cards I would really have this Christmas stuff finished in no time. Sadly though, I think I have used up all of my elves and better kick it into high gear as I can feel the clock ticking down fast.

Happy Holidays.

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