Lollipop Ornament or Gift Tag

Dec 3, 2006

Finished Ornament

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Here is a cute little holiday ornament I created using the Dec. Kit from Cocoa Daisy. Getting the triangles just right is a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it this project moves along quite fast. If you create some of these please send me a photo. I would love to showcase them on my blog.

Lollipop Ornament
By Lisa M. Pace

Supplies Needed:
Pattern Paper
2 inch Circle Punch (I used the Whale of a Punch)
Craft Stick
Jump Ring
Embroidery Floss
Stickles (Crystal)


  1. Punch out 10- 2 in. circles. See Image One
  2. Fold up the edges of each circle so that you form a triangle in the center of each circle. See Image Two
  3. Glue 5 of the folded circles together making sure the tops of the triangles are pointing up in order to form a circle. Make sure to match up the points of the triangles when gluing them together. This will give you a nice tight lollipop center. Once the 5 folded circles are glued together it will make a dome.
  4. Repeat step 3. See Image Three
  5. Glue the two domes together to complete your lollipop. Make sure to leave an opening large enough at the bottom where two circles connect so you can slide your craft stick into bottom of ornament. See Image Four
  6. Glue craft stick to lollipop.
  7. Tie Ribbon around craft stick.
  8. Set an eyelet in the top center area of your lollipop.
  9. Attach your jump ring.
  10. Thread embroidery floss through jump ring and tie in a double knot.
  11. Use stickles to accent your ornament.
  12. Hang to let dry. See Finished Ornament

Several of these can be created to decorate your tree, gift bags, presents etc. The possibilities are endless.

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