First Batch of Cards…

Dec 11, 2006

I finished my first batch of cards last night. They are ready and waiting for the mailman. I can not stand to repeat myself over and over so I am going to come up with another design for my second batch of cards. I think these came out pretty cute.
Christmas Cards

Last night, while trying to put up the tree (which is still NOT put up… I do NOT like LIGHTS! Well, I love lights just not putting them on and getting all the strands to work at once! This is a vent that could go on for hours!!!) Anyway, we had some of the best hot chocolate ever!!! Really this stuff is incredible and I’m so glad I forked over the money to buy it while Christmas shopping with the girls Friday night. I think anything Williams-Sonoma makes is just fabulous! This hot chocolate is worth every penny.

Hot Chocolate

So my list for today prioritized I might add…

  • finish my second batch of cards
  • get lights on the tree
  • wrap gifts
  • wash clothes
  • clean the house

Have a great day.

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