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Dec 2, 2006

Noth­ing much going on here… just clean­ing the house. Actu­al­ly, get­ting rid of all the germs. It feels like our house is crawl­ing with them. So far, Alan has man­aged to not get what Ans­ley and I had. I hope he stays that lucky. Once I get the house cleaned I’m lock­ing myself in my scrap­room. I have some assign­ments due for Maya Road and want to get a head start so when my Jan. kit for Cocoa Daisy comes next week I will be ready to play.

As I was surf­ing the web this morn­ing I stum­bled on this great idea by Marah John­son. I have some of these flower brads by Alli­son Con­nors and am going to cer­tain­ly try this tech­nique. I love the one with all the glit­ter. I’m all about glit­ter.
Oh and I’m baby sit­ting my grand­dog today too. Zeus is just the cutest lit­tle pup­py. Ter­ri is so in love with him as is the entire fam­i­ly. He keeps her lots of com­pa­ny. Gosh, I’m not sure I will get much clean­ing done… at the moment, he is a huge dis­trac­tion. I must stay focused!

Have a great week­end.

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