A Friend and a Tree…

Dec 12, 2006

So yesterday was not starting out well with the tree. Major stressing over the lights not working… just two strands worked out of six. I do realize there are far more important things to worry about but I really want this Christmas to be magical for Alan’s family. They will all be here to celebrate Christmas with us. So the photo below shows my tree before my friend Connie did her magic.


Connie is amazing, you should see her house. It looks like it is ready for a magazine spread. That girl can decorate! As we were shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target and Wal-Mart Connie was grabbing stuff and I’m basically just nodding my head yes, I love it and pushing the cart. Really that is the extent of my help… totally clueless. So as I was putting on the ornament hangers, opening boxes of decorations and handing them to her she is putting everything in, around and on top of the tree. It is just the most perfect tree ever. I’m so happy to look at it as it just makes me smile. She even ran some twinkling lights in the tree that are so fun to watch. It really adds to the funkiness of the tree. I guess you would like to see the finished results so here ya go….


Close Up

I’m just beside myself. Now all that is left is to decorate the piano, and den. I will post photos when this is completed.

Have a great day.

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