A Friend and a Tree…

Dec 12, 2006

So yes­ter­day was not start­ing out well with the tree. Major stress­ing over the lights not work­ing… just two strands worked out of six. I do real­ize there are far more impor­tant things to wor­ry about but I real­ly want this Christ­mas to be mag­i­cal for Alan’s fam­i­ly. They will all be here to cel­e­brate Christ­mas with us. So the pho­to below shows my tree before my friend Con­nie did her mag­ic.


Con­nie is amaz­ing, you should see her house. It looks like it is ready for a mag­a­zine spread. That girl can dec­o­rate! As we were shop­ping at Hob­by Lob­by, Tar­get and Wal-Mart Con­nie was grab­bing stuff and I’m basi­cal­ly just nod­ding my head yes, I love it and push­ing the cart. Real­ly that is the extent of my help… total­ly clue­less. So as I was putting on the orna­ment hang­ers, open­ing box­es of dec­o­ra­tions and hand­ing them to her she is putting every­thing in, around and on top of the tree. It is just the most per­fect tree ever. I’m so hap­py to look at it as it just makes me smile. She even ran some twin­kling lights in the tree that are so fun to watch. It real­ly adds to the funk­i­ness of the tree. I guess you would like to see the fin­ished results so here ya go.…


Close Up

I’m just beside myself. Now all that is left is to dec­o­rate the piano, and den. I will post pho­tos when this is com­plet­ed.

Have a great day.

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