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Nov 16, 2006

Altered Puzzle
at a project I am work­ing on right now. I have seen so many altered puz­zles and have always want­ed to try and cre­ate one with a Christ­mas theme. I love the old world San­ta so the Daisy D’s Christ­mas paper is per­fect for my project. Well a few days ago I found the cutest size puz­zle in the $1 sec­tion at Tar­get. I grabbed sev­er­al to alter and give as gifts. I am just about fin­ished with the inside but thought I would give you a peak at the front. I should be fin­ished in a few more days.


This so called Plump & Juicy Young But­ter­ball Turkey is sit­ting in my freez­er. Yep you read right… my freez­er! I’m just a bit ner­vous since I will be the one cook­ing the turkey this Thanks­giv­ing and I’m not a cook! My Aunt always told me if you can read you can cook! Well, I hope she is right. I’m a pret­ty good read­er but there is just some­thing that hap­pens when I step into the kitchen and that some­thing isn’t always good. I told my Mom to keep the phone glued to her hip because I was going to be call­ing ALL the time for help. My Mom can cook the best turkey! If you all have any great recipes you want to share please e‑mail them to me. I will glad­ly take any help I can get.

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